About Dr. Willman

About Dr. Susan P. Willman Bay Area Fertility DoctorAs early as my teenage years I had always been interested in Women’s health. I decided to work in my field because I like working with women.

I also really enjoy my work because I grew up in large family.  I loved having a number of brothers and sisters and I appreciated the protective community it provided me. Growing up, I always imaged my life as a mother and I share this value and dream with my patients

In my work, my goal is to treat each patient as a unique individual with a unique situation. My task is to find the treatment or the approach that is going to suit you the best

I have a special interest in minimally invasive surgery because it offers patients a faster recovery than open procedures, is safe and is a means to improve a woman’s chance of having a child. Fertility treatments take a great deal of courage, fortitude, patience and persistence but when the outcome is having a child, it is well worth the effort.

Meet Dr. Susan P. Willman

Mission & vision

To deliver the highest quality patient care that provides the best opportunities for making people families.

We achieve this mission by utilizing state of the art technology, drawing on our combined experience in the field of fertility, focusing on excellent customer services and operating in a fiscally responsible manner. We believe that “Experience never mattered more.”

Hospital affiliations

Dr. Willman is affiliated with John Muir Medical Center, where she performs robotic assisted laparoscopy.